Algal wrapping for weight loss

The use of algae in cosmetology practice is a method with a centuries-old history. It is well known that even the beauties of Ancient Rome used algae for slimming and maintaining a beautiful physical shape.

The wrappings with algae have a truly magical effect on the skin. Especially effective is algal wrapping (laminaria) for weight loss and in the complex treatment of cellulite. And this, you must agree, is almost the main problem of modern girls and women. Due to the visible effect on the correction of the figure and the maintenance of natural tonus, algal wrapping is increasingly used in modern cosmetology. What is the secret?

At the present stage brown algae are used for the wrapping. As a rule, these are laminaria algae, as it is the most common and accessible kind of brown algae. The composition for the therapeutic wrap is 100% micronized algae powder. It is obtained by processing laminaria in a special rotor-vortex machine that converts algae into a fine powder. Such microscopic grinding is necessary for the maximum rapid and qualitative penetration of laminaria into the body. The color of the powder in the wrappings varies from light green and dark green to rich golden. This is due to the different depth of algae habitat, as well as the time of the year, in which the material was collected.

The secret of brown algae
The brown algae are rightfully considered to be the only natural source of alginic acid. This acid is a very powerful sorbent, which is capable of removing radionuclides and salts of heavy metals from the human body. In addition, kelp is a curative well of sea minerals and vitamins. And this, in turn, can completely compensate for any kind of mineral deficiency of the body, which is very often the trigger mechanism in the appearance of cellulite. Cosmetologists consider algal wrapping to be one of the best methods for combating cellulite, because it eliminates edema, strengthens the vascular wall and improves microcirculation.

The effect of algal wrapping on the skin
Algal wrapping (laminaria) has a rejuvenating effect. As already was mentioned above, after wrapping the skin not only cleanses itself of heavy metals and all kinds of toxins, but also replenishes the supplies of necessary vitamins and microelements. Such an integrated approach returns the skin to health - it becomes silky and smooth and literally radiates youth and healthy radiance. It is important to note that on such a background defects like scars and stretch marks become less noticeable.

Down with stress and fatigue!
Along with the therapeutic effect, the algal wrapping procedure delivers an unforgettable pleasure. Improving blood circulation, wrapping relaxes muscle tension, which calms all emotions and brings them into a state of pleasant relaxation. By the way, this is the second reason, because of which women increasingly prefer thalassotherapy.
Laminaria is used for losing weight or reducing body volume. It is clear that the brown seaweed itself cannot take any extra pounds of weight. But, nevertheless, in the struggle for weight loss algal wrapping is one of the main components. If the procedure of wrapping is regularly combined with massages, physical loads and a regime of proper nutrition, then you very quickly notice that the skin is gradually returning to its former elasticity and elasticity, and the hateful “orange peel” will melt before our eyes!

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