With the upcoming spring, every woman wants to look slimmer and younger. Sanatorium “Solnechny” is pleased to provide this opportunity.

It is the only place where hardware facial and body cosmetology procedures are carried out using the modern Israeli device Viora-V30 (model 2017). The main feature of hardware cosmetology is the high efficiency and firmness of a positive result.

The device uses an ultra new technology of rejuvenation and correction of the figure - CORETM, which includes 3 separate RF channels (0.85 MHz, 1.7 MHz, 2.45 MHz), and also the 4th channel, which combines all three parts in a single impulse. This makes it possible to get the maximum result with minimal time spent.

Radio-lifting (RF-therapy) (V-ST, V-FORM nozzles) is a non-surgical skin tightening. The result after the course is retained for several years. After the first session, a noticeable effect is observed: pronounced skin lifting, wrinkle smoothing, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic.

The main tasks of the technology:​
  • skin rejuvenation and lifting due to the synthesis of collagen;
  • reduction of wrinkles;
  • removal of local fat deposits and cellulite.

Viora-V30 combines RF technology and vacuum therapy in the nozzle, which improves blood microcirculation and increases the intensity of metabolism in the tissues, which causes the reduction in fat tissue, improved contours of the face and body, and correction of the manifestations of cellulite.

The nozzle is equipped with the following filters:
  • HR 630 nm and 570 nm - for hair removal on light, dark and tanned skin;
  • SR - for skin rejuvenation;
  • VP - for correction of pigment spots and dilated vessels;
  • AU - for the treatment of acne.

The procedure is completely painless due to the contrast water cooling, which is also a feature of this unit.

Do not skimp on your appearance! You are unique and inimitable, and therefore you deserve the best! Try the technology of modern rejuvenation and correction of face and body!

We promise: the results will not disappoint you!
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