The main feature of the hardware cosmetology is the high efficiency and durability of the positive result.

Multifunctional platform Viora-V30 is a wide choice of technologies for solving many aesthetic problems (radio-lifting, photo-rejuvenation, photo-epilation of various areas of the face and body).

Our device uses advanced patented technologies, which make it possible to provide the most effective result quickly, safely and painlessly.

Viora-V30 provides:  
  • skin tightening
  • correction of the contours of face and body
  • decrease in body volume
  • skin rejuvenation and regeneration due to the synthesis of collagen
  • treatment of pigmentation
  • treatment of vascular asterisks
  • removal of unwanted hair
  • elimination of local fat deposits and cellulite

Radio-lifting (RF-therapy) (nozzles V-ST, V-FORM) is a non-surgical skin tightening. The result after the course is retained for several years. After the first session, a noticeable effect is observed: efficient skin lifting, wrinkle smoothing, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic.

The main tasks of the technology: skin rejuvenation and lifting due to the synthesis of collagen, reduction of wrinkles, fight with local fatty deposits and cellulite, correction of body contours.


1. Use of the patented CORE ™ technology, which includes 3 separate RF channels (0.85 MHz, 1.7 MHz, 2.45 MHz), and also the 4th channel, which combines all three frequencies in one pulse. This makes it possible to get the maximum result with minimal time.
2. The combination of RF technology and vacuum therapy in the nozzle, which improves microcirculation of blood and increases the intensity of metabolism in tissues, which leads to a decrease in the volume of adipose tissue, improvement of contours of the face and body and correction of manifestations of cellulite.
3. Vacuum therapy can be performed without RF exposure, so the range of services becomes wider: lymphatic drainage of tissues, vacuum massage.
4. Radio-lifting attachments are bipolar systems, so the propagation of radio wave energy is controlled and with the most accurate localization.
5. Painless and safe implementation of the procedure.

Phototherapy (V-IPL nozzle) is an intensive pulse light (IPL) used in procedures for photo-rejuvenation, photo-epilation, treatment of spider veins, pigmentation and acne. The result of the impact of pulsed light on the skin with signs of chrono- and photoaging is a smooth, light, color-uniform skin.


1. The unique technology of PCR™ is the ability to use 3 pulse configurations: single pulse, multi-pulse, accelerated pulse, depending on the patient's personality and problem, which makes the procedures most effective.
2. The procedures are carried out using only one nozzle and 5 replaceable filters (rather than a few nozzles, as in similar systems.

The nozzle is equipped with the following filters:

  • HR 630 nm and 570 nm - for hair removal on light, dark and tanned skin
  • SR - for skin rejuvenation
  • VP - for correction of pigment spots and dilated vessels
  • AU - for acne treatment

The procedure proceeds absolutely painlessly due to contrast water cooling, which is also a feature of this device.

Do not skimp on your appearance! You are unique and inimitable, and therefore worthy of the best! Try the technology of modern rejuvenation and correction of face and body!
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