Weekend tour

Weekend tour (spa package from 2 days or more) is held in our sanatorium on weekends and holidays. The cost of the tour is calculated in accordance with the current price list on the date of arrival.

For trips on the weekend tour, a discount for children up to 12 years at the main place in the STANDARD room is provided and on an additional place in all other rooms.

On tours for the weekend tour up to 4 days a discount on the population is not provided.

For a weekend tour of 6 people, one hour of sauna and swimming pool is free of charge, at the rate of 10 people for 1 hour.

For a weekend tour of 4 people, according to the prior agreement by telephone, it is possible to carry out chargeable SPA programs, cosmetic services and ultrasound diagnostics. The entire infrastructure items of the sanatorium are provided free of charge: a basketball and volleyball court, sports items, equipment for cooking shashlyk, etc.

According to the prior agreement, a tour of the Brest Fortress, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and the textile market is possible.
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