Saunas and baths

The sauna is able to work wonders and, when properly used, literally returns the tired body to a new life.
Our Sanatorium offers three types of sauna:


Infrared sauna involves heating the air with infrared radiation. In the absence of contraindications appointed every other day. The session lasts up to 30 minutes.

Dry or wet saunas are prescribed once a week. Conditions are the same: the absence of contraindications and doctor's recommendations.

At customer's request the groups of 5-7 people can be gathered.

It should also be remembered that a wet sauna allows easy irrigation of walls and floor (and sometimes stones) to humidify the air. For a greater health effect, herbal infusions are often used. In this case, patients prone to allergies should be especially careful.

If you strictly follow the recommendations of specialists, do not zealously and do not set personal records, then the sauna is exactly your story!

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