Chocolate wrapping with orange butter

“Chocolate cosmetics” enjoys a stable and constantly increasing popularity among visitors to the centers of beauty and health. Our product is developed on the basis of natural ingredients: micronized cocoa shell, cocoa butter, avocado, coconut, orange oil.

The aroma of grated cocoa - the aroma of chocolate - gives pleasure and improves mood, stimulating the synthesis of endorphins and serotonin. It is an aphrodisiac. In most people it stimulates secretory production of immunoglobulin A - an important component of antimicrobial and antiviral protection of the body.

Micronized cocoa shell (65%), cocoa butter (10%), orange oil (10%) are the main components of the “Chocolate” mask.

Biologically active substances, vitamins and minerals, pectin, flavonoids contained in cocoa shell, help the skin to maintain barrier functions and the optimal level of energy, synthesize collagen and elastin; activate metabolic processes in tissues and cellular metabolism; restore the water-lipid balance of the skin, increase blood circulation, skin tone, promoting early regeneration.

The basis of cocoa butter is unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, it is they that help to moisturize the skin, restore it; they slow down the aging process. The use of cocoa butter is especially recommended for dry, flaky skin. It also helps in some way to rejuvenate the already aging and aging skin, which began to lose its elasticity and elasticity, makes the skin more tender, smooth and radiant; it has smoothing properties, which makes it simply irreplaceable in the fight against wrinkles. Another useful property is the ability of the oil to repair the damaged cells. This property can be useful both in winter before going out on the street, and in the summer after sunbathing. Cocoa butter is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, deeply penetrates into its cells, and does not leave a particularly greasy luster.

Orange oil is an active stimulator of fat splitting in the cell, it prevents formation of fatty deposits, increases skin elasticity, enhances metabolic processes in skin tissue, softens the skin, it has an aromatherapy effect: removes the symptoms of depressive disorders, increases the body's overall immunity.

“Chocolate mask with orange oil” improves the tonus, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It prevents the appearance of stretch marks on the chest, forearm, abdomen, hips, tightens the skin and saturates it with vitamins and trace elements. The aroma of chocolate and orange improves mood. It raises the level of endorphin (a hormone of joy) in the body.
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