Successful recreation and recreation is facilitated by well-organized leisure.

The Sanatorium has a concert hall with 135 seats, where you can watch movies, cartoons for children, and organize performances by music bands. Entertainment programs, theme nights and discos are held in the dance hall.
A special place in the life of tourists is occupied by excursions to the memorial complex “Brest Fortress”, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, A.V. Suvorov Military History Museum in Kobrin, trips to the ostrich farm, voyages on the motor-ship “Grodno” along the river Mukhavets.

At guests' disposal there is a library and a billiard room. There is an open-air sports complex on the territory of the Sanatorium: a tennis court, a volleyball court, a mini-football field, a soft-coated street ball, the necessary sports equipment, checkers, chess and darts. The building has tables for table tennis, there is a gym. Regular competitions are held with the delivery of certificates and prizes. There is a rental of bicycles, fishing rods, rackets – everything is for free.

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