PROGRAM Wasp Waist

It is aimed at intensive and rapid weight loss, burning fat, has anti-cellulite effect and reduces the “orange peel”

Indications for the program:
  • presence of cellulite
  • impaired metabolism
  • excess fat deposits
  • presence of stretch marks and cellulite
  • discoloration of the skin and its relief
  • local fat deposits
  • the presence of an “orange peel”
  • decreased turgor and skin tonus


If you purchase this program, you will receive free of charge:
  • a consultation of our specialist in healthy nutrition (for dieting)
  • Pilates training (in the gym) and practice mechanotherapy under an individual program, selected by the instructor of the therapeutic physical training
Number of procedures in the 7-day trip
Number of procedures in the 14-day trip
Anti-cellulite vacuum massage (using the cans). The duration of the procedure is 20 min.
Carboxytherapy (carbon dioxide injections). 80 injections per procedure.
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