Gift certificates

From the 27th of March 2017 in the Unitary Enterprise “ASB Sanatorium Solnechny” the following types of Gift Certificates are introduced:
  • nominal value 20 rubles
  • nominal value 30 rubles
  • nominal value 40 rubles
  • nominal value 50 rubles

The amount of the money certificate paid by the Buyer corresponds to the nominal value indicated on the front side of the certificate and is a prepayment which, in case of conclusion of the main contract, by the Certificate Holder is included in the payment for purchased services. The entire amount of prepayment (the entire value of the certificate) is used for the purchase of services at a time and in full at the Unitary Company “ASB Sanatorium Solnechny”.

The gift certificate is valid from the date of sale and is valid for 6 months. The purchase of a Gift Certificate confirms that the Certificate Holder is fully acquainted with all conditions for the acquisition and use of the certificate and agrees to these conditions.

When purchasing a Gift Certificate, the Buyer, in addition to the certificate itself, receives a cash receipt for the amount of money received. The gift certificate is INVALID without a cash receipt.

Gift certificates are not securities and cannot be exchanged for cash or certificates of a lower denomination.

The gift certificate is not personal and can be transferred to third parties.

Rendering of services on the Gift Certificate is carried out by prior appointment. If there are contra-indications, the holder of the certificate may be provided with other services corresponding to the state of health, if the client refuses the services offered, the value of the certificate is not returned.

If the cost of the selected service is greater than the nominal value of the certificate, the difference is paid by the holder of the certificate to the cashier's office, while the addition of several Gift Certificates is allowed. In case the value of purchased lump-sum services is lower than the nominal value of the presented Gift Certificate, the difference between the nominal value of the certificate and the cost of services is not paid. A gift certificate is subject to withdrawal immediately after the purchase is made.

You cannot pay a Gift Certificate by presenting another Gift Certificate for payment.

In case of loss, the certificate is not restored; the damaged certificate (having damages, which make it impossible to identify its number and other essential data) is not accepted for payment for services
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