Pneumocompression therapy

Pressotherapy is used to stimulate lymph flow and circulation, to reduce swelling, to fight cellulite, to remove slags and toxins.

We use the “Pressomed” device. The device effects on the body with the help of cuffs, located lapped, the action of which resembles a peristaltic massage.

The advantages of the method are the following:

  • elimination of heaviness in the legs and a decrease in swelling
  • reduction in excess weight
  • reduction and prevention of cellulite
  • improvement of blood circulation and oxygenation
  • increasing the tone of the body as a whole and figures in particular
  • prevention of varicose veins
  • reduction of tenderness in the legs
  • elimination of toxins and normalization of the body's water balance.

Contraindications (absolute):
  • Heart failure
  • Thrombosis of various stages.


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