Barbecue ground

Well, what kind of rest without the delicious smell of vegetables and meat roasted on coal? Laughter, jokes, joy from the upcoming ceremony...

We perfectly understand the desire of holidaymakers to sit by the fire, cook their own baked potatoes (this is the taste of childhood!) and shashlyk!
For this purpose, on the territory of “Solnechny” there are special barbecue zones and equipped with all necessary arbors, tents and huts.

These zones are scattered all over the Sanatorium, they are multifunctional and multi-type.

Beautiful wooden arbors, decorated with hand carving, which do not resemble each other, differ in design and capacity.

Do not hide in the back streets, light fires on the grass and turn the preparation of shashlyk into spy games. In our Sanatorium there are civilized recreation areas and barbecues.

The only request: please observe fire safety measures!
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