An important role in the healing process is played by proper nutrition - it is the balance of diurnal rations, i.e. ensuring the optimal ratio of nutrition and biologically active substances, able to show maximum usefulness in the body.

The sanatorium is organized FIVE-TIME MEALS in one shift on a balanced 2-week menu. “Menu-order” with elements of the COLD TABLE is created on the basis of recommended diets, the menu uses specialties and dishes of the national Belarusian cuisine, and from the offered dishes you can choose your favorite one.

For the time of Orthodox fasting for those who wish we organize fasting meals. When preparing dishes, modern technologies and equipment are used. Strict quality control of food at all stages, from obtaining raw materials to the consumer of the finished product.

The laboratory studies of food and finished food for compliance with all physical and chemical and sanitary-epidemiological indicators are conducted systematically. The supply of food products in SOLNECHNY is made under direct contracts with domestic producers or the first supplier of products to the Republic of Belarus.

Proper nutrition plays a very important role in the healing process. In our sanatorium you do not have to choose between tasty and useful. Our chefs are preparing a deliciously varied and varied food, just look at our menu to see by yourself.

Bon appetite and good mood!

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