Pilates exercises

Pilates – a method by Pilates (Pilates), which received its name on behalf of the author of the technique of Joseph Pilates, is a series of simple but effective exercises. The main purpose is to return a person to his natural state, give the body and spine strength, flexibility and endurance.

  • Pilates develops the strength and flexibility of certain muscle groups.
  • It favorably affects the body of people who have suffered a spinal injury.
  • It helps to strengthen not only the body, but also the spirit of man.
  • The system allows you to choose the best exercises for people of different levels of training.
  • In case of the correct choice of the set of exercises, there are no contraindications and age restrictions.
  • The source of each movement is consciousness, that is, the brain controls any muscle contraction.

Practicing the technique of Pilates you can transform your own figure in a short period of time.

Speaking about his own method, Joseph Pilates, in particular, said:
“After ten lessons you will feel the difference, after twenty - you can contemplate it, and in thirty your body will be completely renewed”.

However, like any technique aimed at losing weight and improving, Pilates requires compliance not only regularity, but also gradualness. Beginners should beware of various strains, so special attention should be paid to their own muscles, to observe how they react and are ready to “conquer” new levels. Gradually, the body will get used to the stresses and will take them with joy. Of course, the more often you attend classes, the faster you will come to the desired result, but you should not lose sight of the fact that the quantity is not able to replace the quality.


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