Park of Culture and Rest 1st of May


The history of the Brest Park dates back to 1906. It was then that the soldiers of the Libava regiment of the Russian army, who was stationed at this place, planted a park garden with an area of four hectares. Later the city leased the park to a private person. On the 5th of May 1912 the opening of a new garden took place. 800 young trees and 4000 bushes were planted. A concert hall and a big restaurant with a veranda were built in the park, as well as dairy and a cyclodrome.


The uniqueness of the park is that it does not work from season to season, but all the year round. Attractions are only a part of the services offered to Brest residents and visitors to the city, even winter do not stop their work.

Cafe “Na dymok” For romantic dates, for business meetings, for family dinners, to communicate with friends - in each case, the perfect cafe “Na dymok”, where you can always eat a good meal and spend time in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

And also we are always glad to see you and your children in the children's playroom “Jungle”, where you can have a good time and celebrate your child's birthday (from 1 to 7 years old), for children of older age there is a holidays workshop “Blot” .
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