Tightening mud wrappings (Mineral mud of the Dead Sea)

Highly effective osmo-wrapping is intended for carrying out tightening procedures on the body, strengthening the skin, saturation with its microelements and bio-organic active components. It contains mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea, marine sediments, collagen, chitosan, xanthan gum. Useful mineral marine components during the contact with the skin provide an exceptionally powerful effect. They quickly tone, normalize the water-salt balance of the skin, remove toxins and toxins and eliminate edema. All this strengthens connective tissues, increases their elasticity and gives elasticity and smoothness to the skin. Improves the relief and contours of the body, the skin is again filled with vital energy.

Indications for the use:

Aiming at the figure correction

Skin diseases:
  • acne
  • chronic eczema
  • organic neurodermatitis
  • scleroderma
  • psoriasis

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system:
  • inflammatory diseases of the joints
  • deforming arthrosis
  • osteochondritis of the spine
  • post-traumatic contracture
  • periostitis
  • myositis
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