Red wine wrapping

The wine wrap has become popular since 1994, when the French scientist proved that grape stones contain the largest number of active substances, which eliminate free radicals from the body.
These substances are formed as a result of exposure to the body of stress, polluted air, cigarette smoke and sunlight. Their accumulation leads to premature aging and stitching of the skin, and wine therapy neutralizes their action, preserving youth. Fragrant ingredients in the composition of the applied mixture will make it possible to your skin to rest and relax.
Instant removal of toxins and harmful substances from the skin will give your appearance a unique zest. The skin looks much younger, more rested, acquires a healthier tone.
Owing to the same trace elements, small wrinkles and irregularities are instantly smoothed, as a result - an even more elastic and resilient surface is guaranteed to you.

Wine wrapping is now recognized as one of the most effective types of cosmetic care for the body. In the procedure, vine, grape stones, leaves, the shell of grapes are used, because these mixtures contain vitamins, glucose, sucrose, mineral salts and trace elements.
The wine wrapping is indicated in the following cases:

saturation of the skin with micro and macro elements;
moisturizing and improving the skin condition;
excretion of slags and toxins from the body;
prevention of aging! Wine wrapping helps to quickly combat stress and fatigue, provides the skin with a proper tonus, relieves tension, smoothes the skin tone.
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