Dining hall

The dining hall of the sanatorium is equipped with up-to-date technological equipment, with the possibility of organizing FIVE MEALS A DAY in a balanced 2-week ordered menu.

Cooking in the combi-steamer will satisfy our guests' requests for proper dietary nutrition.

The organization of nutrition in our sanatorium has the following features:

  • Ordered meals are served from the 3rd day of arrival, if the order is not made, a duty dish is served.
  • The administration has the right to change the dishes in the absence of certain products.
  • It is not allowed to change custom meals during meals.
  • In case of medical procedures during the meal hours, the breakfast is extended for 30 minutes.
  • Juice is provided every day for breakfast.
  • Snack (fruit or confectionery) is given during lunch or dinner
  • The second dinner is given in the form of a fermented milk product in a hollow package twice a week at a rate of 200 ml per person per day.
  • On the day of departure at the request of holidaymakers in return for dinner is given a dry ration. Replacement of a supper by a dry ration is made on preliminary registration at waiters on the basis of the submitted application for 3 days prior to departure. Replacement of dry rations for dinner is not carried out. The rations are given at breakfast on the day of departure. (Example: in case of the leaving on Saturday, the application is submitted on Wednesday)
  • In the “Menu-order” the icon “BY” indicates the belonging of the dish to the Belarusian national cuisine.


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