With the upcoming spring, every woman wants to look slimmer and younger. Sanatorium “Solnechny” is pleased to provide this opportunity. It is the only place where hardware facial and body cosmetology procedures are carried out using the modern Israeli device Viora-V30 (model 2017). >>>
“This victory pleases, but it also imposes a great responsibility”, said the director of Sanatorium S.V. Soroka, - This is an excellent occasion for further growth and development, the introduction of innovations, the implementation of the most daring plans” >>>
Within the framework of the new type of manipulations introduced in 2017 “Modern technologies for the treatment of osteoarthritis: intra-articular injection of synovial fluid (hyaluronic acid-HA preparations) under ultrasound control” >>>
We have new tenants in our Sanatorium: a graceful mother-horse Radost with a bonny foal Apelsinchik! This family is able to touch and melt the hearts of even the most unsmiling skeptics! >>>
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