Museum Saved Art Valuables

Brest museum “Saved art valuables” — a branch of the Brest Regional Museum of Local History. It is the only museum in Belarus where works of art and antiques, which were confiscated by Brest customs officers during the attempts to smuggle them abroad.

The exposition is located in 10 rooms. The first hall is dedicated to the activities of the Belarusian state, customs and border guard services to prevent the illegal export of cultural property abroad. In the next 2 halls, a part of the largest and most valuable collection of Russian icons of the 16th and early 20th centuries is kept in the collections of the museum. The exposition of cult art is supplemented with works of small plastic and Rostov enamel, separated in a special section.

The jewelry art of secular design is represented by the products of the world famous Faberge company, silver caucasian belts and daggers in silver frames.

In the hall of Oriental art traditional Japanese painting on silk, Chinese vases, Japanese faience, Buddhist sculpture of the late XIX-early XX century are exhibited.

Decorative and applied art of Europe is represented by furniture, bronze chandeliers and fireplace mantels of the 19th century, which create exposition ensembles in the interior.

In the hall of landscape painting the “Seascape” of an unknown Dutch artist of the 17th century is preserved. (from the circle of Willem van de Wilde-junior), works by I.K. Aivazovsky, R.G. Sudkovsky, A.D. Kivshenko, G.G. Myasoedov, S.A. Vinogradov, Y.Y. Klever, A.G. Goravsky.

In the portrait gallery there are works like “Portrait of an Unknown Man in a Green Coat” by I.F.A. Darbes, “Portrait of a Girl” P.Y. Raud. The pearl of the drawing room is a sketch of M.A. Vrubel to his painting “Demon Downcast”.
A significant part of museum items, primarily icons and paintings, requires restoration.

The minimum group for the excursion is 10 people; the maximum group is 24 people.
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