Contest and entertainment programs for adults

“All adults were once children ...” What do children like best in the world? That's right, play! Play enthusiastically, fun, selflessly!

In ordinary everyday life, we, adults, often do not have time for games: cares, problems, in a word, vanity of vanities.
And in our Sanatorium, where everything is created for the recreation, relaxation and recovery, there is a wonderful opportunity not to think about business and problems, but to enjoy life, fun and carefree playing, forgetting about age and social status.

For example, when did you play “Guess the melody” last time? Or “Field of Miracles”? Or “Star Time”?

You do not even remember? Of course, because you were not up to this ... And we in “Solnechny” will have such an opportunity!

Learn to have fun with communication, remember how happy you were in childhood, when you just played and did what you liked most of all! .. Enjoy your rest and discover new talents and opportunities!..
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