Therapeutic complex BIO-PHYTO care

At the heart of the Bio-Phyto line is a unique union of science and nature that helps the skin to fight the adverse environmental effects from within and protects against its negative factors from the outside. The products of Bio-Phyto line provide detox-action, improve microcirculation and oxygenation of cells, they are responsible for the timely restoration and renewal of the skin. They normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, reduce hyperkeratosis, reduce the severity of discomfort sensations (itching, burning) and external symptoms - such as hyperemia, peeling, swelling of the skin and prevent their appearance. This makes it possible to strengthen the natural protective mechanisms of the skin, making it more resistant to possible damage and negative effects in general. Healthy skin glows from the inside, filled with vitality and looks renewed.


  • renewal of the facial skin (removal of dead skin cells, removal of keratinized particles, purification of pores)
  • increased sebum secretion (seborrhea)
  • problem skin, uneven complexion
  • couperose (vascular sprouts)
  • prevention of aging

Immediate effect of the procedure:
  • skin cleansing
  • removal of surplus sebum
  • softening of comedonal acne
  • sensitizing action
  • improvement of microcirculation
  • removal of hyperemia and reduction of signs of inflammation
  • improvement of skin color and texture
  • deep moisturizing and softening of the skin


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