Climate therapy

The unitary enterprise ASB “Sanatorium Solnechny” is located in a picturesque place, in a beautiful pine forest on the bank of the Mukhavets River, the tributary of the Bug River, in an ecologically clean area.
Thanks to the forest park area, the Sanatorium is protected from city noise and air pollution. The climate is moderately continental, with air temperature in the summer up to 25-30°C and relative humidity of air up to 60%, is used in the treatment of respiratory organs, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the ENT organs, treatment of neuroses and other diseases.

The following types of climate therapy are used in the sanatorium:


In a more narrow sense it is bathing in rivers and lakes. The therapeutic effect is associated with thermal, mechanical and chemical factors. The thermal effect is due to cooling, because the water temperature in the reservoirs is lower than the body temperature, and therefore greater temperature difference occurs, the stronger the physiological effect. The mechanical factor is associated with the hydrostatic pressure of water, as well as the need to overcome the resistance of moving waves. It is indicated for all diseases, except diseases in the acute stage.


The application of sun rays with therapeutic and preventive purposes. The main factor in heliotherapy is the energy of the electromagnetic radiation of the sun (infrared, visible and ultraviolet radiation).

The peculiarity of heliotherapy is that the body simultaneously undergoes the action of radiation of different ranges. Heliotherapy causes a change in metabolic processes and immune reactions, the normalization of the activity of the most important physiological systems. Heliotherapy is indicated for all diseases, except for diseases in acute stage, in the period of exacerbation, in cases of bleeding, exhaustion and neoplasms.


At our Sanatorium the influence of open fresh air in medical and preventive purposes is widely used. This is the basis of climate therapy. The therapeutic effect of aerotherapy is primarily associated with increased oxygen supply to the body. Here you will receive aerotherapy - on the open verandahs, balconies and in the forest-park zone. Breathing exercises are also carried out outdoors.

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