Oxygen cocktail

An oxygen cocktail is an inexpensive, effective remedy, compared to baro-therapy, oxygen baths or other oxygen therapy methods. Oxygen cocktail consists of the foam, the bubbles of which are filled with pure oxygen by 93%. The basis for the cocktail is a special foaming composition and phyto-components, juices, vitamin mixtures and they provide taste, color and fill the procedure with pleasure.

Oxygen cocktails are useful to almost everyone for preventive purposes and contribute to:

  • increase the general tone of a person
  • removal of chronic fatigue
  • increase of efficiency
  • improves appearance
  • increasing the body's resistance to viral and infectious diseases
  • activation of the immune system and the work of the brain
  • increase the physical and mental capabilities of a person
  • prevention of premature aging
  • fat burning
  • a positive effect on the potency.


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