Hippotherapy is a technique of treatment and rehabilitation with the help of an individually designed riding program. It is designed to solve serious health problems or at least improve the condition of patients.

The uniqueness of hippotherapy and hippo-fitness, of course, is to participate in the horse process. The animal gives an effect that no simulator can provide, due to its non-programmed movements and reactions to the behavior of the rider and instructor.

Horse movements during walking or pace cause the rider to balance, straining muscles that in normal life may not be involved. Especially useful are such exercises for people with disabilities or for those who have recently suffered a trauma to the musculoskeletal system or a stroke. The beneficial effect is also provided by the body heat of the animal.

Separately, the effect of training patients with horses for psychotherapeutic purposes is noted. Hippotherapy is used to socialize children with autism, to treat depression and get rid of neuroses. This is facilitated by the rhythm of the step of the horse, the calming effect of walks, the opportunity to contemplate the world around and the very communication with horses.

Hippotherapy with osteochondrosis strengthens the muscular corset of the back, affects the growth of collagen structures due to many factors (enrichment of the blood flow, improvement of conduction of nerve impulses, stimulation of cell growth due to constant “irritation”). Therefore hippotherapy as well as any other medical procedure, has the following incications:

impaired posture, scoliosis of the 1st and 2nd degree, neuroses, astheno-neurotic syndrome, spine osteochondrosis with protrusions and small hernias, instability of the spinal column, initial stages of arthrosis in the costal and vertebral joints, musculoskeletal disorders (radiculitis , problems of cervical department, thoracic department), hypertensive disease of 1st and 2nd stages, difficulties in communication, learning, difficulties in upbringing, depressive conditions in children as well as in adults, chronic diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, duodenitis, pancreatitis, constipation, etc.), chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, including prostatitis, male and female infertility. Horse riding contributes to a faster and easier flow of the postpartum period, relieves postpartum depression and stress, psychophysical condition (cerebral palsy, autism, etc.) both children and adults.

Hippotherapy is also prescribed as a cosmetology procedure against cellulite, for figure correction.

We are glad to see all our customers from the age of 2!

Course of hyppotherapy – 10 sessions. 1 session – 30 minutes

Important: due to the existing contraindications, before the beginning of the course, you must necessarily consult a doctor of the Sanatorium!
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