Modern phyto-therapy is a fairly recognized and quite effective method of treatment. As in the old days, in today's phyto-therapy many people find the source of real good health, as the main recipes of practical phyto-therapy have a lot of advantages. Ecological purity of plants is the main principle, which is used in phyto-therapy.

In our sanatorium the following herbal collections are used:


  • Anti-diabetic (blueberry shoots, marigold flowers, fruit bean leaves, nettle leaves, plantain leaves, knotgrass, horsetail grass, birch leaves, elderberry flowers, strawberry leaves, rosehip fruits, hawthorn fruits, elecampane grassroots and roots, dandelion roots)
  • Breast (althaea roots, licorice roots, elecampane grassroots and roots, plantain leaves, linden flowers, thyme grass, oregano grass, lemon balm grass, mint leaves, sage leaves, raspberry leaves, horsetail grass, willow bark, eucalyptus leaves)
  • Vitamin (rose hips, rowan fruit, aronia fruit, hawthorn fruit, raspberry leaves, strawberry leaves, blueberry shoots, nettle leaves, currant leaves, licorice roots, alpinia rootstocks)
  • Stomach mucus-bearing (plantain leaves, althaea roots, elecampane rhizomes, licorice roots, knotgrass sprouts, marigold flowers, willow herb (willow-tea) grass, flax seeds, gnaphalium grass, chamomile flowers)
  • Stomach - bitter-containing (wormwood grass, menyanthes (menyanthes trifoliata) leaves, oregano grass, calamus rootstocks, yarrow herb, plantain leaves, hypericum grass, knotgrass, mountain ash, fruit rose, cetraria (Icelan moss), chaga mushroom, caraway seeds, lemon balm grass)
  • Soothing (peppermint leaves, hop stems, leonurus grass, epilobium grass, valeriana grassroots with roots, lemon balm, calendula flowers, oregano, yarrow herb, heather grass, hypericum grass)
  • Atherosclerotic (corn stalks and stigmas, immortelle flowers, rosehip fruits, ashberry fruits, knotgrass grass, rhizomes and roots of elecampane, dandelion roots, licorice roots, birch leaves and buds, hawthorn fruits, horsetail grass, cowberry shoots, chamomile flowers, flax seeds, plantain leaf)
  • Urological (hazelnut bark, pear leaves, calendula flowers, horsetail grass, cowberry shoots, bearberry shoots, sprout grass, birch leaves, elderberry flowers, heather grass)
  • Reduction of weight (oregano grass, buckthorn grass, dandelion root, caraway fruit, fennel fruit, flax seed, dill fruit, cranberry fruit, althaea roots)
  • Reduction of pressure (gnafalium grass, hawthorn fruits and flowers, motherwort grass, marigold flowers, cranberry shoots, mint leaves, plantain leaves, lemon balm, cumin fruits, valerian rhizomes with roots, heather grass)


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