Toy Factory Polesie and Kobrin Military History Museum

Toy factory

The tourists will be able to get acquainted with the history of the company and personally see the entire production process, from the manufacture of parts to the assembly of various toys.

The factory of plastic toys “Polesie” is well-known in the market of Russia, Belarus, the CIS countries and Europe, as the manufacturer of high-quality plastic toys from environmentally friendly materials with use of advanced technologies. JV “PP Polesie” is the largest manufacturer of plastic toys and household products in Belarus. Their high quality and modern design was appreciated by customers in more than 40 countries.

During the tour you will be able to visit the production and assembly hall, as well as purchase a toy you liked best of all.

A.V. Suvorov Kobrin Military History Museum

A.V. Suvorov Kobrin Military History Museum was founded on the 18th of June 1946. The first exhibition was opened on 01.05.1948 in the house, which at the end of the XVIII century belonged to the military commander A.V. Suvorov. 01.04.2016 the exposition “House of A. Suvorov” was opened after another reconstruction. It is devoted to the life and military activities of the great Russian commander. The second exposition “Seven Centuries of Kobrin” was opened on 08.05.1995. It is based on the military history of Kobrin region in the context of the military history of Belarus in the 13th-20th century.

A.V. Suvorov Kobrin Military History Museum is the only museum in Belarus directly related to the personality of the great Russian commander A.V. Suvorov.

Rich collections of authentic objects of the 16th-19th centuries made it possible to create 2 unique expositions on military history.

The collective of the museum on the basis of its work for 2006 received a special prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus in the nomination ”Museum activity”.

Exposition of the museum:

The renewed exposition “House of A.V. Suvorov” presents unique collections of uniforms, weapons, carved furniture, household items of the 18th century.
Among the rarities are personal belongings of the emperors Peter III, Paul I, Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, unique examples of gratuity, commemorative blade weapons and portraits of the 18th century. The use of authentic things, documents, fragments of the interiors of the ladies' living room and the office of A.V. Suvorov make the exposition interesting for different categories of visitors. During the excursion one can get acquainted with the biography of the commander who has not lost a single battle, learn about the role of A.V. Suvorov in the history of Belarus and the Kobrin region. The second exposition “Seven Centuries of Kobrin” is located in a building resembling a medieval fortress with a high tower. The richest collections of weapons, uniforms, equipment, numismatics and art items made it possible to create a unique exposition on the military history of the Kobrin region from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. The exhibits from different eras make it possible for you to touch the events, which took place a long time ago.

Services for the visitors:

Excursions in two expositions
Museum and pedagogical classes for school-age children
Excursions around the city (visiting the historical part of the city, monuments of architecture and places associated with the name of the commander Aleksandr Suvorov)
Temporary exhibitions on historical and local history topics.

The working hours of the museum for visitors:

Wednesday-Sunday from 10.00 till 17.45.
Days-off: Monday, Tuesday.

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