Diet therapy

Proper nutrition plays an in important role in the treatment process; it is the balance of daily diets, i.e. ensuring the optimal ratio of food and biological active substances, able to show maximum usefulness for the organism.

Diet nutrition in the sanatorium is organized according to the following indications:

  • B-state diet, not requiring special therapeutic diets. Diabetes mellitus, type 2 (analogue of diet number 15 - common table).
  • Diet P - diseases of the digestive system, requiring the appointment of a diet with chemical sparing (analogue of diet No. 5).
  • Diet H (LOW-PROTEINE) - chronic glomerulonephritis with a sharp and moderately severe disturbance of the nitrogen excretory function of the kidneys and severe and moderately expressed azotemia. Cirrhosis of the liver with hepatic encephalopathy (analogue of diets No. 5, 7).
  • Diet M (high-protein) - diseases requiring the introduction of increased amounts of protein (malabsorption, kidney disease with nephrotic syndrome without disturbance of the nitrogen excretory function, type 1 diabetes mellitus, severe anemia) (analogue of diets No. 5, 7a, 7b, 10).


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